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I Am Your Innovator

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My name is Sonja Burrus.  I became a leader in grade on the school bus when I stood up for a friend.  The other students were picking on her because she smelled bad.  Although they were correct, it was wrong how they made her feel.  I couldn’t stand it so I stood up for her even though I was so afraid.  Ever since then … I always find myself emerging as a leader. I am a strong advocate that most leaders are afraid. However, a leader’s DNA won’t allow them to retreat but to only advance.  My charge to all leaders is to commit, motivate, and give back.  

I am still exercising my passion to equip women, youth, and business professionals with a proven leadership development system to help them innovate and create pathways of discovery and empowerment.

As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker for adults and the youth, I can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching to aide you in your personal and professional growth.  Together we can help you and/or your team to move into the direction of your goals. I am your innovator and I stand ready to motivate you into your destiny.

I have lived much of my life reinventing and exploring myself through my passions.  With each transformation, I have evolved into yet another beautiful, powerful, and resilient woman.  By faith and through perseverance, I am gifted by God to help others to do the same.  My mantra is … #GO.

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