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Who Is Sonja Burrus?


My name is Sonja Burrus. I am the eldest daughter of Dolores Burrus, a retired career first grade teacher and Otis Burrus, a retired United States Air Force Air Traffic Controller.  I was born in Nashville, TN and raised in Saratoga Springs, NY and Gary, IN.  I have lived in the Philadelphia, PA area for the past 30 years. 


Like my father, I have been in business for myself having previously built and operated a commercial and residential cleaning service; owned and operated the first black-owned karaoke show in the Philadelphia area; owned franchises in shapewear and credit repair; have built and maintained websites for churches; and have written and reviewed business plans for aspiring and new  business owners.  Like my mother, I have taught both children and college level subjects on business, leadership, and biblical studies.  Although I have achieved  a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with an emphasis in Management and Organizational Development, I credit having unusual wisdom, knowledge, and sensitivity to the power of the Holy Spirit as given through Jesus Christ.


When I was 10 years old, I witnessed my cousin Pat deliver the keynote speech at our family reunion.  From that day forward, I have aspired to be a public speaker.  Around the same age I learned I was gifted to sing, act, and play an instrument.  It wasn’t until my adult years I discovered that my cousin Pat was also an actress who performed in her own one woman shows and was a world renowned speaker.  My father was a member of a singing group and I can still see the picture of them in their white coats and black pants.  I also learned that I have the gift of administration and can teach like my mother.


I look back over my life and see the influences my family and upbringing have had on my future as it is today.  I thank God for their examples, their leadership, and their love.  Most of all, I am grateful to God for always having His guiding hand on my life and for equipping me to live it for His purpose.  Thank you, Jesus! #GO

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